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Visual brain development implicated in autism

Research conducted as part of the NIH-funded Infant Brain Imaging Study Network used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to document crucial differences in the visual processing system in the brains of infants who went on to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism spectrum disorder is a highly heritable neurodevelopmental disorder that is diagnosed in […]

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Sleep and Mental Health in COVID-19 Patients

A new study investigates the rates of sleep impairments and adverse mental health in COVID-19 patients.  The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted individuals and populations around the globe in a variety of ways.  The implications on public mental health have been particularly significant, as recent studies have highlighted increased rates of anxiety disorders and depression since the […]

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COVID-19 infection increases risk of mental health outcomes

A new study published in the British Medical Journal reports on the risks of negative mental health outcomes in patients who had COVID-19 infection.  Researchers compared information from patients who survived SARS-CoV-2 infection with a group of people who had not been infected with the virus. The researchers also compared this information with a ‘historical control’ group […]

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Can wearable devices screen for depression?

A new study investigated whether wearable activity trackers could detect biomarkers associated with depression, and whether this could be an effective screening method for depression.  Depression is a very common mental health condition, affecting roughly five percent of adults globally.1  Depressive disorders are complicated, and they ultimately impact people in different ways.  However, they can bring significant […]

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Autism may be detectable under 15 months of age

Two studies have emphasized the need for early screening and treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Unlike previous research that suggests children should be screened at or after age three, these studies show that autism may be detectable within the first 15 months of life.1 Early treatment between age 1-2 showed significantly more alleviation in ASD […]

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COVID-19 more common in people reporting stress, anxiety, and depression, study finds

A new study has found that people who reported higher amounts of stress, anxiety, and depression, were more likely to contract COVID-19.  Researchers set out to determine whether these factors were associated with the risk of COVID-19 infection. In addition, they also investigated whether these factors had any correlation with the severity of COVID-19 symptoms […]

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Is online therapy for depression effective?

An analysis of over 80 studies investigates the potential effectiveness of online therapy for depression in comparison to traditional, in-person sessions.  The current COVID-19 pandemic initiated changes to many industries, including the medical field.  When the pandemic first started, many private healthcare providers exchanged in-person office visits for remote appointments.  Given that COVID-19 is still a pressing […]

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Viewing nature videos on social media during the COVID-19 lockdown improved mental well-being, according to study

Do you enjoy watching videos of cute animals on social media? Do you find that it helps you cope with stress? If you do, you are not alone.  A new study published in Frontiers in Psychology suggests that engaging with nature-related content through social media has provided important support for well-being.1 This University of Surrey […]

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Insulin resistance and depression are linked, according to study

A recent study by Stanford University suggests that being insulin resistant may contribute to the development of major depressive disorders.1 This link between insulin resistance and depression may lead to the development of more effective treatment and prevention options for those with depressive disorder.  Depressive disorders are the number-one cause of disability.2 People who develop […]

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Can exercise reduce anxiety?

Exercise has a variety of health benefits, but can exercise be associated with a reduced risk of anxiety disorders? Regular exercise can positively affect physical health by improving cardiovascular and lung health, building lean muscle mass and strong bones, and promoting healthy weight management.  Studies suggest that daily physical activity may help reduce the risk […]