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A Superfood to Fight Disease?

Image by AselvadaAna @Pixabay Widely regarded as a superfood, pomegranate is a vibrant red fruit linked to health and wellness. But can pomegranates help fight disease?1,2  The benefits of pomegranates are attributed to their high levels of antioxidants, even beating out green tea and orange juice for antioxidant content.1,2   Increasing antioxidant intake may help prevent […]


Taking Multi-Nutrient Supplements

Photo by Ivabak @Pixabay The COVID-19 pandemic increased demand for nutritional supplements by 17%-45%, with the majority (52%) of consumers looking to boost their immunity.1  These types of supplements can be single or multi-nutrient and are commonly used to add missing components to a diet.2,3  The nutritional products most purchased ranged from single to multi-nutrient […]

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Total Cholesterol Levels Matter Most

Image by Mohamed Hassan @Pixabay Cholesterol levels are used to determine certain disease risks during a check-up. Typically, only certain lipids in a lower cholesterol range indicate a healthier patient. But it’s the total cholesterol levels that matter most, especially for people of colour. What is cholesterol?  Cholesterol is a steroid hormone made up of […]


Genetic Wellness Testing: Hype or Hope?

Photo Credit: Jacob Colvin. Genetics is the code of life. Genetics can reveal a myriad of information about our bodies. Genetic wellness testing is a powerful tool with medical and non-medical applications.  Genetic testing can tell us whether we’ve inherited specific genes from our parents. Some of these genes make us more susceptible to developing […]

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A Link Between Exercise and Skin Health

Photo credit: Mikhail Nilov Exercise helps to nourish skin cells by increasing blood flow that carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Besides the conventional benefits, studies have revealed a link between skin health and exercise. Deep skin benefits of exercise At a molecular level, skin cells contain mitochondria. Mitochondria are organelles that produce the […]


Is resistance training good for weight loss?

What is resistance training? Resistance training is a type of anaerobic physical activity that consists in performing repeated sets of exercises against a resistance. The resistance is commonly represented by the oppositional force of equipment or the body itself. It is beneficial in increasing strength and muscle size. Examples of resistance training include high intensity […]

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Cardiovascular risk the same for those who use e-cigarettes and combustible cigarettes, versus combustible only, study reports

A recent study has reported insignificant impact of e-cigarette use on cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk.1 The study was published in the American Heart & Stroke Foundation’s journal, Circulation.   Specifically, for those who have supplemented some of their conventional (or combustible) cigarette use with e-cigarette use, and now “dual use”, their risk for developing CVD […]

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How to improve heart health with exercise

Regular exercise can be helpful in preventing cardiovascular risk factors, maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, and promoting rehabilitation after a cardiac event. Even just a single 30-minute exercise session can produce immediate benefits and exert a protective short-lasting effect on hearth health through a process called ischemic preconditioning.1 Ischemic preconditioning describes how exercise can train the […]

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Five tips on how to lower cholesterol

Keeping cholesterol levels in check is necessary for the maintenance of heart health.1 According to the World Health Organization, approximately 2.6 million deaths a year are attributed to high cholesterol, which is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease.2–4 Although cholesterol can be lowered using drug therapy, improved lifestyle changes may also help […]

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How to Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also referred to as hypertension, is a common medical condition. In North America, as many as 1 in 3 individuals are silently living with this disorder. Genetics, being overweight or obese, advancing age, and being African-American all predispose individuals to have high blood pressure. High blood pressure causes no symptoms early on […]