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Advancing Prostate Cancer Treatment

Photo by RF Studios @Pexels With 29 000 men dying annually, effective and safe drug therapy as a prostate cancer treatment is crucial.1 Thankfully, a new clinical trial shows promise. Most cancers spread in two ways and are labelled non-metastatic and metastatic. Non-metastatic cancer is more restricted than metastatic spreading in a linear fashion. Compared to […]

Cancer Drugs

Beauty Products Causing Cancer

Image by Ryan McGuire @Pixabay Beauty products, like hair products, may contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). EDCs are “chemicals or a mixture of chemical compounds that interfere with normal hormone actions,” increasing cancer risk.1,2  Certain people have a greater chance of being exposed to these chemicals. Evidence shows who needs the most protection and what products […]


Surgical weight loss more effective at reducing obesity-related cancer and death compared to non-surgical weight loss, new study claims

It’s no secret that obesity poses a risk to health and well-being. Although diet and activity can help facilitate weight loss, some individuals turn to surgery, also known as bariatric surgery. A new study published in JAMA highlights the potential benefits of opting for bariatric surgery versus natural weight loss.1 Obesity is associated with higher cancer […]


Are there warning signs of pancreatic cancer?

A new study investigates whether there are symptoms or warning signs associated with the development of pancreatic cancer.  Pancreatic cancer has one of the highest fatality rates out of all cancers, accounting for an estimated 331,000 deaths globally each year.1  In 2018, the highest age-standardized rates of pancreatic cancer were observed in Europe and North America, […]

Cancer Diet

Is there a prostate cancer prevention diet?

Recent research builds evidence to support a prostate cancer prevention diet. Next to skin cancer, prostate cancer is the number one killer of men every year. While the five-year survival rate for prostate cancer that is only in the prostate or nearby organs is nearly 100%, when it spreads to other parts of the body […]


Can diet affect cancer treatment outcomes?

We are what we eat; or as research now shows, we are also what our gut microbes eat. Scientists have shown that a single addition to the diet of the roundworm makes it more susceptible to a drug that is commonly used to treat cancers in humans. The drug 5-fluoro 2’deoxyuridine (FUdR) has been used […]